Is there a list of ingredients for Thyroid-S or Thiroyd?

No, unfortunately these products are not covered by patent protection and the manufacturers have decided not to release this information.  There is some publicly available information on the Stop The Thyroid Madness® website!


What is the Difference Between ThyroidS and Thiroyd?

Does ThyroidS Contain Aluminum and is ThyroidS Gluten Free?

Do these products contain all the natural ingredients with nothing removed?

The products are porcine thyroid extracts with nothing removed. We make no health claims, and we make these products available for research use and only to qualified people. Store it in a dry and cool place out of the sun, thyroglobulin in natural thyroid is quite stable for years if stored correctly. Thyroid-S will store better for longer periods than Thiroyd. Thyroid-S is a coated tablet, and Thiroyd is an un-coated tablet. Thyroid-S uses a filler which probably binds the active hormones more strongly than Thiroyd. Coated tablets protects the active hormones better from moisture and oxygen than un-coated tablets. Coated tablets are more expensive though!

What steps do you take to ensure that you are always shipping good products?

We guarantee the products we send you are correctly labeled and genuine/authentic.  Effectiveness may vary due to food interactions (coffee, calcium, etc.) and other reasons (iron, adrenals, etc.). We do take measure to ensure that the products we are shipping are good, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Can these tablets be easily broken in half?

Tablets can easily be CUT using a tablet cutter.  Tablet cutters are available on Amazon, and are very cheap.

I would like to know how much of your product I should use? How should I take it? I have xxx symptoms and I was wondering if your product can help me?

We make these products available for research use and only to qualified people.  Please be aware of the laws of your country in force and effect, which we must follow at all time and thanks for understanding the legal constraints under which we operate.

We are not doctors, nor are we medically qualified, and so we are unable to provide any medical advice of any kind because of that reason. If you do not know what these products are and how to use them, may we recommend that you should study well first before ordering any. Yahoo groups like “Daily Digest” is a great way to start learning about these products. Also see “The Best Natural Desiccated Thyroid Yahoo Group”, “Thyroid Patient Advocacy UK – Yahoo Group” and Hypothyroid News on Google!

Why is my order or package labeled For Research Use Only? What does it mean?

Our product listings clearly specify this in the title of the listing. We make these products available for research use only and only to qualified people. Any other use is not recommended.

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